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strategic, influence & digital consulting

Media relations & (e)PR, media training

Brand content management


Executive & Organizational Coaching



PPOOL helps tailoring your communication with your different audiences according to your strategy and priorities.   

Company, consultancy firm, school, university or organization in the knowledge economy looking for media relations expertise, European editorial management, advice or individual/organization coaching?

Higher education & Research

A future-focused market that’s consolidating and becoming more international: the hub of significant investment to explore future societal challenges.

PPOOL uses its cross-sector perspectives and network of European experts to advise all those working in this exciting and innovative field.

Engineering and Consultancy

With high-value specialist knowledge and services, key actors in this sector need to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

PPOOL brings the experience you can rely on to promote your unique know-how and brand image in France and internationally.


Finding ways to highlight what’s special about a region, museum or association can be a challenge. Whether you’re promoting tradition or innovation, reaching out to the general public, international press, investors or local partners, the stakes are high.

PPOOL enables you to rise to every challenge thanks to the interest, international resources and cultural expertise of our associates. Our natural curiosity is leading our consultancy into ever-more sectors of activity….

Offer good advice and compelling content… in several languages if needed.

Accompagny people and organizations.

Media relations and training

Write press releases, articles and opinion pieces in several languages, media outreach and maintain close relationships with key journalists. Plus coaching and media training if and when you need it.

Multi-lingual editorial management for print, digital and video

Create websites, digital marketing, social media reach, apps, email campaigns and newsletters with our digital experts.

Communication on paper is far from dead. Work with us to give new appeal to your graphic identity, magazines, newsletters, brochures and press kits.

Image is crucial for the future. Get behind the camera with us to produce videos and web-series that get your message across internally, externally, in as many languages as you need.

Organizational and individual coaching

The world is evolving rapidly, putting pressure on the way you and others work together, whether you are a management board, an operational or functional team. You may be wondering how to seize the opportunity to reinvent your solutions and re-engage your teams.

PPOOL supports your transformation in 4 areas that focus on the human side of your business – capitalizing on your talents and helping you find your own solutions:

  • Unleash untapped potential to work differently, increasing connection, communication and collaboration – to ignite innovation and creativity.
  • Align employees and customers with a shared sense of purpose by defining a strong company identity – allow inspiration that energizes growth.
  • Promote cooperation and foster collective intelligence – to encourage mutual trust.
  • Increase autonomy, reveal talents and strengthen individual responsibility – to build resilience and self-confidence.

Our offer is unique and tailored to each of our clients. Whether you want to anticipate change, prepare a transformation project or address internal obstacles…we identify the need and resources required for a tailored approach.

Our customers recognize the benefits:

European and international expertise.

PPOOL works with a diverse network of editors, journalists, creatives, photographers and directors.

An European agency with a multi-cultural DNA, PPOOL can bring the right solution for your needs. An agile and attentive team with multiple and complementary talents, we are committed to ‘do what we say’ and ‘say what we do’. Our professional experience from a range of European countries is a key asset in understanding you, finding the right resources from our global network and tailoring our support for your international challenges.

Absolute reliability and accountability.

Our core values guarantee a quality service. Openness, simplicity, transparency and freedom underpin our commitment and approach. Confidentiality and kindness go hand-in-hand with these.

Our international experts offer a highly customized service: by being responsive and available when you need it, we allow you to zoom in on individual challenges. Through a personal and professional touch, we ensure you have the right support throughout.

By helping you find the right solutions to your needs, you continue to focus on what’s most important.   

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