Axel de Chavagnac

Axel began his career in strategy and organisation consultancy for Eurogroup (at the time MAZARS), with major bank and industry accounts.

In 2005, after having been appointed – through an agency – Financial Communication Account Manager, he joined Publicis Consultants as Manager responsible for all issues regarding communication media, influence and financial communication, for companies in the service sector with high added value. He created A2C in 2013 and today works closely with several communication agencies, including PPOOL.

Axel’s expertise consists of maximising the impact of corporate image through the written word, audio-visually, both on- and off-line, for focus sectors, like those of intellectual services with high added value, usually among professionals.

Known as a writer, amongst others he has successfully published open forums for his clients in Le Figaro, La Tribune, Les Echos etc.

Today, his role is to convince opinion leaders, journalists and other influential people to follow the current events of companies or institutions.

He is passionate about Germany and Franco-German relations and has been an associate of PPOOL media & communications since 2018.

Axel graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies with a degree in Business Law.