Christine de la Croix

After studying in an engineering school and specializing in aeronautics, Christine spent 30 years of her professional life in High Tech environments of large industrial groups such as Thalès Avionique and Dell. As a manager of multicultural and multi-site teams, she experiences the power of meaning to federate, enjoys a wide range of professions and values ​​the richness of inclusion. Christine already enjoys supporting employees in their career development, delivering leadership workshops, organizing client events, and appreciating being able to act as a partner in skills sponsorship.
Passionate about the emergence of talent and the power of the collective, Christine opens a new chapter in her professional life by teaching the deployment of human potential to students (Montpellier Business School) and individuals. Experienced in Transactional Analysis and Personal Branding, she is trained as an Organization Coach to support professional organizations in their transformation projects, to streamline relational dynamics and to unite a group around a bold vision that carries meaning.
A daring woman who dreamed of a child repairing engines, Christine graduated as an engineer in the very masculine world of aeronautics while running the New York marathon and accompanying 4 children towards autonomy and daring. Her new coaching life does not make her forget to actively promote the IT environment among women.
Christine is a graduate of the EPF School of Engineering, trained in Transactional Analysis as well as in Personal Branding and certified by the Executive Coaching of Global Organization program of HEC Paris.