Pascal Jentsch

Born near Frankfurt am Main, Pascal spent all his childhood in northern Germany. After studying political science and European law in Germany (Berlin) and France (Paris), Pascal specialised in communication and public relations. As a trilingual (French, German and English) Franco-German, he has worked particularly within listed industrial groups in the energy and services sectors (including ENGIE and Akka Technologies), in Germany and France.

With experience in multicultural environments, Pascal likes to work with, and develop, multidisciplinary teams or communication teams, both to take into account the continuous change in professions and in order to tackle increasing budgetary constraints. The ideas of interculturality and management of Human Resources (recruitment, training, change management, etc.) particularly interest him.

A lover of the world of communication and after have been a freelance agency and company consultant, Pascal created PPOOL media & communications in 2017 in order to share his more than 13 years of experience in this field.

Pascal graduated from the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.